A home inspection is a visual analysis of a home evaluating the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing components of a home.
A home inspector should provide you with the knowledge and education of the home you are buying followed by a comprehensive report detailing the home and his findings.
We supply some of the most comprehensive and detailed narrative reports around our reports very from 20 to 30 pages discussing all different aspects of the home with hyper links to better help you understand key points (hyper link to report as "view sample report")
Pricing can very depending on age, size and amenities. A home inspection is one of your most values steps when buying a home it can supply you with in depth analysis on the home and property.
A typical home inspection will take 1-3 hours depending on size and condition
It is always strongly advised the buyer be present at the inspection so the inspector can be on site and describe in detail the conditions of your home.
We always recommend you wear something comfortable and bring a note pad. You will be given a tremendous amount of information which you may not be able to remember so it is important to write down key factors you may need to address right away.
ABSOLUTELY! We are here for you before, during, and well after the inspection. We will do our best to help you through any issues or construction related questions you may have.