Heating Systems

The most common basic heating systems are, Forced Hot Air, Fin Tube, Radiant, Electrical Baseboard, and Steam Heating. What do all of these systems have in common? They all are means of distributing heat throughout your home. Any of the five heating systems listed below is most likely found in any home in the United States.

Forced Hot Air

A Forced Hot Air System takes the air from inside your home through a duct system, passes through a heat exchanger and cycles back into your home. This is one of the more rapid ways of heating a home. It is important to check your filtration system. A dirty filter can decrease efficiency.

Fin Tube

Fin Tube is one of the most common forms of heating that uses hydronics (water), which is typically heated from a boiler that circulates water through zones sections much like the heat in our bodies.

Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat is similar to baseboard heat is commonly found beneath the floor. Although the heating process is much slower, and installation price is higher, it is considered to be much more efficient than baseboard heating. This is because radiant heating systems are most often not exposed and cover larger areas. Extra precaution should be used when running this system. Due to the system being unexposed, years of leakage and damage could be occurring behind walls and above ceilings.

Electrical Baseboard

With the rising costs of home heating fuel, electrical heating systems are a growing trend. However, just like any other electrical appliance, proper installation and wiring is a must and should be checked. Another advantage to electrical heating is the ability to add multiple zones without incurring high costs. Thermostats can be placed in each area that is to be heated. This will allow the user to much more easily regulate temperature in multiple areas.

Steam Heating

Steam Heating Systems are most commonly found in older homes. This system uses heated steam flowing through a series of pipes that runs to a radiator system, which in turn heats the home. Although steam heating systems use more energy than conventional heating systems, installed properly, it is a long lasting and very durable system.

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