Underground Oil Tanks

Not all underground oil tanks are a hazard. Some of the newer tanks are corrosion protected and environmentally sound and designed to meet current codes and regulations for being stored underground (i.e., dual wall tanks). If your oil tank is not newer than 10 years and/or you do not possess any paperwork or records, your tank is at a higher risk for possible failure. Your current underground oil tank may not be leaking yet, however, we strongly suggest that you have it tested by an independent certified professional. A prolonged and untreated, faulty or leaking oil tank can cause problems with the Department of Environmental Conservation (D.E.C.) and the Department of Health (D.O.H.), which could lead to fines and severe contamination. Not all leaks are detrimental. Most often a leak can be treated by removing the contaminated soils to a certified offsite location. To put you at further ease, a majority of underground home oil tanks can be removed for less than many think. A typical removal will range anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the size and logistics of the system. If you suspect a spill, you may contact the D.E.P.’s hotline at 1-800-457-7362.

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